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Art Cards

Artists throughout history have produced miniature works for trade, sale, or self-promotion.  Modern art cards are a version of this practice. Art cards are the size of traditional trading cards (2.5" x 3.5"), are made with many different media, and incorporate a wide variety of themes and styles. These original art cards were created using a variety of original digital images, hand-colored and found papers, fabrics, and assorted found objects.


Collectible art cards are often displayed singly or in groups matted and framed or in plastic pages in an album like other trading cards.  Their small size and usually inexpensive price also make them ideal for pinning to a cubicle wall, taping to a locker door, enclosing in a greeting card, or carrying in a wallet or purse.  Art cards are a great opportunity for art lovers to expand and add variety to their collections and they make it possible for even those with smaller budgets to own original artwork.

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