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I learned in junior high that I was not an artist because I couldn’t draw, and that lesson stayed with me for a very long time.  Eventually, I discovered that there are many different ways to create art and I gave myself permission to try.  Sometimes, I succeed!


My digital imagery work explores colors, patterns, shapes, and textures.  I create digitally abstracted photo-based collages, often combining original photographs with acrylic paintings or prints.

My new acrylic paint pieces are explorations in color and shape, with an emphasis on color.  I use both fluid art and monoprint techniques.

I'm a casual artist, working as time and ideas allow.  Occasionally my pieces are displayed in a show, but my main reason for creating is because I enjoy it and I like the end result.


Please share your thoughts, ideas, and comments with me through the Contact page, or follow my work on Facebook.




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